Because in My World…










Because in my world….

there is no “maybe” when it comes to Pam finding Eric in time

because she’s his child

with built-in GPS!

Because in my world….

While Sook spent 6 months playing in the dog pound and discovering her inner Stepford,

Eric spent those same 6 months totally healing & is back in full Viking glory

I refuse Buckner’s: “Eric’s going to need quite some time to heal.” malarkey!  That’s just silly.  See:

Season 1:

burns tumblr_l9hlw5wDaj1qaufopo1_500

Bill was back to full skulking & whining the next evening. He’s 1/5 of Eric’s age!!!

I rest my case.

One comment on “Because in My World…

  1. gwynwyvar says:

    Reblogged this on Gwyns Hidey Hole and commented:
    I Know you’ve all seen this before , but I needed to perk myself up, and I had a sticky beak at 888spike’s CH arm-ripping post (

    and when I went to the home page – I came across this fun ditty. And I forgot all bout Bill being healed from his pointless martyrdom.

    Thanks 888spike! I definitely needed that giggle 😉

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