I’ll admit it, I perused my friends copy of After Dead. Glad I didn’t waste any cash on this tripe. Took less than 30 minutes to read cover to cover, even with running commentary and eye rolling. I say ‘peruse’ because that’s really all you can do with bullet points.

However, it was Charlaine Harris’ rude remark after the book dropped yesterday which set me off and my fingers flying over the keyboard. And I may or may not have let it fly without censure in my Amazon review 😉 Anyhooo….

This is Charlaine Harris’ reaction to fan disappointment and overwhelming negative criticism upon the release of After Dead via her website:

“I was pretty specific about the content of the book. And the description on Barnes and Noble and on Amazon was also very clear. I can’t feel sorry for people who don’t read the book description. ”

Charlaine Harris
I can only imagine what her comment really was before it was cleaned up for the site 🙂

At least she’s consistent. This was Harris’ reaction to fan disappointment and overwhelming negative criticism upon the release of Dead Ever After via

“A lot of the hating has (subsided). There are some people who evidently have no life what so ever, that are evidently going to pursue this until they drop dead of old age, and I don’t know what to think about that. Are their lives so empty that they cannot get over a book series ending in a way they had not anticipated? The
accusations have been really vile and disgusting. I can only think that these people would not say that to my face or hope that they wouldn’t because I just think the Internet is responsible for a lot of this overly invested entitled attitude.”

Blame-ity Blame-ity Blame-ity Blamer

It’s the fans fault!
It’s the Internets fault!
Morons can’t comprehend a simple book description!
Could it be the precious ‘Coda’ didn’t really match the description? I didn’t see anything mentioning shabby Word docs and bullet points.

On the positive side…Thank fuck for all the ‘art’ in After Dead. Without all those pretty little artistic renderings of the alphabet I don’t know what I would’ve done.

Last rant. This struck too close to home. I’m reloading.

In After Dead Sarah Newlin’s fate is listed as having “contracted” Lupus while doing time in the big house. Soooooo totally fucking irresponsible for Charlaine Harris to write. And for the editor/publishers not to catch. One CAN NOT CONTRACT LUPUS! Lupus is a genetically, life-altering, potentially fatal disease and Harris implying it’s “caught” carries the risk of planting ignorant and harmful stereotypes with those unfamiliar with this disease. More evidence of incompetence and laziness with which she writes. Two seconds with Google is all it would take for her (editor, agent, publisher) to be factually accurate. Lazy. Shame on you.

And what’s the message? That a chronic and debilitating disease is perceived as proper karma for a nasty evil-doer?

Something delicious for enduring my rant 😉



4 comments on “Ready…Aim…Fire!

  1. I don’t think that ‘karma’ is in her vocabulary. If it was Bill Compton’s man bits would have been silvered off long, long ago. She’s just ridiculous.

    • 888spike says:

      Instead Bill the rapist gets to live part of his dream and live by Sookie, stay friends with Sookie and her family…as King of Louisiana. WTF! King of Louisiana who refuses to move to New Orleans. Because it’s too difficult to stalk/skulk Sookie from there.

      Because fucking over fans the first time wasn’t enough.

      Of course Bill had to wait to buy the Kingdom of Louisiana until Eric was gone and safely out of the picture. Couldn’t have Bill as the King with the ability to override Eric’s marriage contract because when Bill turned down Eric’s request to do so -which he undoubtedly would- Sookie may be forced have to acknowledge Bill isn’t her true friend and really doesn’t want her happy if he’s not the one making her that way. Of course, he could try the old “I’m doing it for your own good, Eric will leave you, he will break your heart” yaddayaddayadda that worked so well in the past. CH’s Sookie would buy it still, I’m sure of it.

      And tell me exactly how it is Felipe loses his Vegas casinos…in an earthquake(!) but has to rely on money he receives from selling Louisiana to Bill to rebuild? Ridiculous.

      But as king Bill has made sure Sookie was safe all these years without vampire problems.

      I’m getting riled up again 😉

  2. CH really did her fans a disservice by the way she ended her SVM series. I personally feel she got tired of her charecters but had a contract to write 3 more books. So she whored herself out. At the end I do not think she liked Eric and Sookie any more. I hated the fact that she had Sookie so ambivalent about being raped in that trunk by Bill. Some time it was “raped” and sometimes it was “almost raped”. WTF. I have read that part more than once and it was rape. Also what is up with her not being able to decide if Eric is 6 feet 4 inches or 6 feet 5 inches. Like what he could not use a measuring tape like any dummy? I mean it has to be on your drivers license…..right? I love rereading books but I am afraid that I may never read those again. I do not think I will ever read one of her books again.

  3. […] Ready…Aim…Fire! ( […]

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