19 comments on “Tsk Tsk…You Never Learn

  1. Reblogged this on California Kat and commented:
    This was too f’in funny for words. And why hadn’t I found 888Spike’s blog before?

  2. I love it – and Kat – I agree – I never knew this blog was here!

  3. theladykt says:

    ROFL LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. Lmao fantastic and totally agree!

  5. trish1215 says:


  6. jules3677 says:

    Reblogged this on jules3677 and commented:
    Genius! Absolute genius!!

  7. This takes me straight to my happy place. Long-haired Eric and vengeance… *sigh*

    • 888spike says:

      Your comment made me smile. I too love Eric with his long hair – especially when he flies & it gets all wild – and I like him baaaad. The Eric of books 1-8,9ish would have chewed Charlaine Harris up, spit her out & bathed in her blood for her dastardly shenanigans with his character

  8. gwynwyvar says:

    I haven’t really got my wordpress working yet, but i really wanted to be able to find this with ease so… I reblogged and commented, hope you don’t mind. But it was just too perfect to lose track of! Thankyou =D

    This is what i said on the reblog:
    “This is so very perfect, I just had to re-blog.

    this way, i will always have this gem in hand to make me laugh =D

    If you haven’t seen it before, enjoy =D”

    • 888spike says:

      Oh feel free to reblog away! It’s so funny, that little bit of madness was spawned because I had just used 15 minutes, give or take, of my life I can never get back *reading* Harris’ After Dead…and maiming was rolling around in my bloodthirsty pissed off little fan girl mind. lol.

      Sooo….since there is no way I’d look good in prison stripes I figured the next best thing was to metaphorically allow Eric to rip her to shreds. 😉

      Apparently it struck a chord with the fandom bc several have reblogged and it tickles me silly every time someone does. So thank you!

  9. […] I Know you’ve all seen this before , but I needed to perk myself up, and I had a sticky beak at 888spike’s CH arm-ripping post (https://888spike.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/tsk-tsk-you-never-learn/) […]

  10. msbuffy says:

    This is perfect! Why have I never seen this before? Just what I needed on a Monday morning after not getting any sleep!

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